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"The Book" So Far

After more than a year of false starts, I'm finally making good progress on writing a book about assembly development for the NES.

I'm publishing the book as a website, with updates happening live as I make them. For authoring, I'm using raw HTML (not even a static site generator) and the Tufte CSS framework, with some minor modifications. Margin notes are already proving more useful than traditional footnotes, and I'm trying to include sidebar images whenever I can.

As I start getting into actual assembly code, I plan to use Prism.js for highlighting - I wrote the asm6502 parser for it. I also want to integrate Ben Firshman's jsnes to include live, interactive demos of each sample project. Eventually, it would be great to have something akin to 8bitworkshop's in-page development environment, but I think that's going to have to wait quite a while.

That's it for now. Progress is slow but steady, I'm moving into Chapter 3, "Getting Started", where we install a development environment and write a "Hello World" program. More updates to come!